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You can find the latest, most popular mobile phones and carriers at The Cell Xchange. Whether you need a phone or a new plan, our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you find the right device and plan for your circumstances. We offer great phones and plans at affordable prices that you will not find anywhere else. You can get the phone you want with our great financing options. 

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Our staff is here to serve you by providing unbiased, honest advice about the best products and plans. We are committed to offering services that truly benefit you.

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Financing for everyone - all phones, all carriers.

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Used Phones at Low Prices

Sometimes it is just not sensible or economical to buy a brand new phone. Perhaps you have found a great SIM-only deal, or you are offered phone service too good to pass up and need a phone to go with it. With so many great second-hand models available, a growing number of people are opting to save money and still enjoy top quality products by purchasing affordable used products from us.


When you visit our mobile phone shop, you get top brands from well-known providers. You can rely on us to have a great selection of handsets from any provider, including Apple, Samsung, Nokie and many more. By choosing a used model, you will enjoy cutting-edge, modern features without the hefty price tag.

Match Your PHone to Your Contract

Some people do not want to be locked into a contract, so a used cell phone allows them to take advantage of SIM only deals. Others want a phone that is not compatible with their contract. Our used phones offer the perfect solution, allowing you the freedom to decide on a device that is right for your situation.

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When you buy used products from us, you can be confident you are receiving premium grade models in excellent condition. We vet all the phones we buy carefully, ensuring that our customers receive merchandise which works well and is built to last.